Winter Camping in AU: Safety Tips

It’s winter in Australia and the country is looking as beautiful as ever. Of course, for those traveling around in a campervan hire, you may be finding some things a bit of a challenge. With the weather so cold and the roads so slick, you may be facing some things that you didn’t expect.

If you plan on traveling Australia in the winter, you’re bound to have a great time. There are some great winter destinations that you should visit in your campervan hire, but of course, you’ll want to be cautious as you go.

The following safety tips will help you to have a wonderful Australian winter experience instead of a disastrous one:

  • When you camp with hookups, make sure that your heater works to keep you warm through the cold winter nights.
  • If you plan on freedom camping, consider investing in some thermal blankets to ensure that you stay warm on especially cold nights.
  • If you aren’t traveling in a campervan and are bringing a tent, bring a woolen underlay to lay beneath your sleeping bags to keep the tent floor warm and prevent cold from seeping in.
  • Park your campervan away from trees, so as to let sunlight in during the day. This will help to keep it warm and even provide some added warmth for the night.
  • If you are camping in a campervan hire, avoid starting a fire too close to your motorhome. If you want to enjoy being outside for a bit, it’s fine to have it when you’re there. Make sure to extinguish it before bed. If you’re in a tent, you may want to have one for warmth near your tent, but you have to be very careful that it’s not too close to your tent. An extremely windy night could mean that your tent catches on fire. It’s best to be safe and make sure it’s out before you sleep.
  • If you’re driving your vehicle around the country in the winter, you’ll want to make sure that it’s winter ready. Some ways that you can do this are to make sure that you know how to defrost your windows, remove ice from the windshield, and even consider a change of tires that are ready to meet icy roads. Also, drive much more cautiously than you would normally and give yourself plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Make sure to pack plenty of warm clothing, even some that you may feel that you may not need. It’s always best to be safe and it will also help you to avoid having to do laundry so often, which is never any fun while on the road. If you’re traveling with your little ones, you know just how often they get food on their clothes and you don’t want to be left out with the proper warm clothing to keep them warm and safe during the witner.
  • Make sure to pack plenty of food and water. While you will be just fine, if you find yourself stuck in a snow storm or with a breakdown, having enough food and water could be very important for your survival. Plus, when camping, you’re usually a bit far away from civilization, so it’s common sense that you’ll have enough food to last you throughout your camping trip—but, go overboard when it comes to food and water. If you’re in a campervan, you have plenty of room for it.
  • Pack a first-aid kit. You’ll be fine if you stay cautious, no matter your destination, but accidents may happen and while you should be able to reach emergency services quickly, it’s always best to have essentials on hand, especially while camping.
  • Make sure that you know the routes beforehand and where you’ll be going. The worst thing that could happen is to get lost on your way to your destination and find yourself in a winter storm, with no idea of your location. Make sure that you have good phone coverage and a reliable GPS system to follow. Getting lost is a big no-no in an Australian winter.

Australia is a gorgeous place, whether you visit in the summer or winter. To avoid unpleasant experiences, make sure to follow the safety tips above. More than anything, exercise common sense. Some places in Australia can be a bit different than what many travelers are used to, but they are also incredibly rewarding for the adventurer and nature lover.

Respect road laws as you drive throughout Australia and be respectful of other drivers as you drive your campervan hire. Get your vehicle ready for winter use and pack everything that you could imagine needing to keep you warm. No one wants to have to cut their road trip short due to being too cold, right?

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