Crowdfunding as alternative fundraising (focus on the fact that it is internet and social media based)

Cut to a few years ago. Remember when a donation to a big charity was acknowledged with a certificate of philanthropic appreciation? Well, those days are gone. Donors need more. Speaking of the now, donors are demanding to see where their funds are going, and how, and why their contribution is impacting progress. Surely we can attribute this ideological shift in the concept of charity, to one of the biggest developments since those times – the tech revolution. Through online platforms like Impact Guru, that are facilitators of a crowdfunding India, the development sector is exploring the world of audio-visual, mobile, and social media possibilities in fundraising

Back in the day, NGOs and nonprofits looked for people with heavy philanthropic backgrounds, and large businesses that were involved in social work, to direct all their fundraising pitches at. However, new ways of communication and sharing of information have enabled a paradigm shift that focuses on the crowd. Take for instance, the ALS ice bucket challenge, where the virality of the campaign had the whole world, including the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg drenching themselves in buckets of freezing water. Imaging the monetary difference it made to the sufferers of ALS disease. All they did was mobilize large crowds of people, and engage them in an activity.

The act of ‘sharing’, ‘liking’, and ‘tagging’, on portals like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, now have as much value as an actual donation. Many nonprofits in India have recognized the potential of the crowd, and applied it to fundraising. What it has given us, is a crowdfunding India that is independently moving towards financial stability. For instance, platforms like Impact Guru, offer campaigners their portal, and their established networks, to mobilize people into donating even small amounts of money for a good cause. Ultimately, the funds raised by these campaigners are fairly large, owing to the large number of people, ie – quantity over quality. The power of large numbers and technology are what new age philanthropy rely on. So if you can get more number of people to support a campaign just be involving them in it, using the tools of social media, you’re actually adding as much value through awareness, as you would add through donating money.

In addition, we can’t discount the fact that doing an online transfer takes only about 2 minutes, making the process so much faster and easier for both, campaigners and donors. An added benefit of online donations is that the donor feels less of a pinch when shelling out a sum of money.

Through a crowdfunding India, people are exploring the world of online donations, at a rampant pace. Community development and social progress never ends – so it’s time that we evolve with the technological advancements, embracing both, the challenges and the opportunities.

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