Rafting in California Is An Exciting Adventure

The word ‘California’ often recalls images of Hollywood, movie stars and film premieres. It also recalls surf bums and bikini-clad bodies getting toasty under the hot California sun. However, the golden state isn’t just about the rich and famous because there are also abundant opportunities to discover wild California during awe-inspiring outdoor adventures. One of the greatest natural adventures to discover in the golden state is white water rafting and there’s no better place to experience your first rafting adventure than along the American river. 

South Fork American River flows bring the excitement of outdoor adventure to visitors and California natives alike. When you sign up for a whitewater rafting trip, you do not just make a trip down a river. Whitewater rafting is making a step back in time to a more rugged time where men and the women who loved them made the journey to discover if their California dreams could come true. The location along the South fork of the American river is a great spot to experience what the completion of that dream could have been like. 

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Here’s just a sample of what whitewater can offer an enthusiastic explorer: 

  • Fun for families, newbies and experienced explorers alike – There are plenty of opportunities to experience white water rafting along south fork that is safe and gentle enough for ages ranging from young children to much older adults. 
  • Discover the spirit of brotherhood with a stranger – Because rafting can be an intimate experience that brings out the best in adventurers, it is a great environment for discovering new friends from every walk of life that share the same interest and more to discover the best about you. 
  • River experiences vary in levels – a rafting company can help discuss whitewater rafting adventures that are suitable for easy for beginners to harder for more experienced rafters on class three rivers that can be wholly exhilarating.
  • Rafting is a unique experience – The excitement of white water rafting can be a completely unique experience that not many people have had the courage to experience first making for an amazing story that can be shared time and time again. 

River trips can be set up to be experienced during half-day trips that cover a shorter range to multi-day trips that can be experienced for over 20 miles. It is important to understand that rafting adventures are best discovered during the spring and summer months due to water levels, although there is the possibility of making a journey during early September and October. 

Discussing journey needs with an experienced, qualified rafting company with certified guides will give you the insight you need for your rafting adventure and is a must do before any rafting adventure. Rafting in California isn’t just trip, it is a moment to discover just how exciting life during an event that truly brings to life the spirit of excitement that continues to make the golden state great.

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