The City of Delicious Restaurants and Café – Five Dishes You Should Try in Charleston

The oldest and the largest city of South Carolina, Charleston, may not be the first city that comes to your mind when you think about trying new cuisine and taste. However, it is the city with hundreds of delicious restaurants and cafés serving a variety of dishes. Here is the list of top five exotic foods that you need to try when in Charleston.

1.     O-ku’s Rock Shrimp Salad

Garnished with carrot ginger vinegar, this salad is not just tasty but also very healthy for you. During your Charleston food tour, make sure you visit this place if you also love salads.

2.     Leon’s Oyster Shop’s grilled oyster

Yet another thing to try on your food tours Charleston is this leon’s grilled oyster. Served with freshly baked bread, this spicy oyster is meant for oyster lovers.

3.     Tattooed Moose’s Duck Fat fries

“The best sandwich ever”, this is how people here in Carolina address tattooed moose’s duck sandwich. Serve it with the duck fat fries and you will get the feeling of eating in heaven.

4.     Rare bites’ Barbeque pulled pork eggs

This high protein dish is an amalgamation of different flavors. Now let’s admit not all the dishes taste good when the flavors are mixed, this dish however, is definitely going to leave you drooling.

5.     167 Raw’s lobster roll

If you are one of those who loves roll and on-the-go food, trust me 167 raw’s is a must visit place for you. Freshly made lobster roll is their specialty and you are going to eat something so delicious that you are never going to forget the taste in your life.


While these are the top five picks of Charleston, there are several other dishes that you can try. However, it might be difficult for you to search for all the restaurants, some of them are far away from tourist destination. Food tours catering to your demand make the task easy for you. If you also have love for food, click Charleston food tours and book your tour today.

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