How To Choose the Best Kilimanjaro Tour Operator

Are you planning a trip to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro?  As well as ensuring you get the best deal for your money, there are other reasons, related to your safety and well-being, why you should be careful with the netball tour operator you choose for your trip.  To help you choose the best Kilimanjaro tour operator, we have provided a guide below.

Safety Always Comes First

As one of the easiest, in terms of ascent, climbs in the world; there is no real reason why it should be a dangerous journey to the top.  However, if you make the wrong choice when booking your Kilimanjaro tour operator, you could turn what should be a memorable and inspiring getaway and adventure into a dangerous and life-threatening nightmare.  Therefore, the tour operator you choose is probably the most important part of planning your trip.  Remember, the tour operator you choose will be fully responsible not just for helping you reach the summit, but doing comfortably and safely.

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Consider Booking Locally

Although many people feel more comfortable booking a tour company based in their own country, as most oversees-located tour operators use local trekking agencies as a source for their mountain guides, it means everything is managed and controlled locally.  Would you not rather trust a local team who know more about the mountain and experience it first-hand than people in an office in Croydon.  Thanks to the internet, you can usually Skype or email Tanzania-based tour operators regarding any questions and queries you may have. I personally recommend I have used them twice, and the service is impeccable.

Plan And Book In Advance

The more in advance you book your Mount Kilimanjaro trek to the summit, the better you will be able to benefit from the advice given to you by the tour operator you choose.  A reputable and good tour operator will give you advice regarding crucial aspects of your trip such as what you should put into your daypack, how to find the right and best equipment and getting fit before you arrive.  By planning and booking your trip well in advance, you will also have the chance to do try out the relevant specialist clothing and boots on practice walks before you leave for Tanzania.  

Read Customer Testimonials And Reviews

No matter how good or reputable a tour operator claims to be, it is always recommended that you seek out feedback from people who have actually used them in the past.  It is vital though that you do more than browse reviews for a few seconds.  Read reviews and testimonials in detail.  Look at the positives as well as the negatives.  Have there been any concerns been raised about tent or food quality or the overall safety of the trek?  Have climbers said good things or bad things about guides?  If you come across anything in reviews that you do not like or you have any concerns; you should probably move on and look at a different operator.

Read Their Website

Good Kilimanjaro tour operators care about their climber’s safety and want them to be fully prepared before they arrive. Have a good look at their website.  There should always be something like ‘Trip Notes’ or similar.  This provides you with information about how to prepare for the climb.  If they haven’t provided this information, will they really look after you on the trek?  However, if the information they have provided is helpful and detailed, they may well be the right tour operator for you.

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