Visit Christchurch to warm up romance

Christchurch is the most favorite destination of many tourists. Christchurch is known for its natural beauty and friendly culture. This place is not only the great destination for families but it also serve as heaven for couples or lovers as it offers great opportunity to enjoy some romantic moments in the midst of beautiful environment of gardens and beaches. There are lots of romantic activities in Christchurch to be done which allows you to warm up your hidden feelings and enjoy your holidays with your partner.

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Romantic things to done in Christchurch

There are lots of activities that can give you more fun and entertainment, few of the most popular romantic activities are mentioned below:

You can Watch a film: In Christchurch, three most popular cinemas are the biggest attraction for many tourists. Names of those cinemas are academy gold cinema, Alice in video land and Hollywood theatre. Hollywood theatre and Academy gold cinema both are famous for showing mainstream movies as well as few arthouse films. If you are not interested in mainstream blockbuster or want to watch independent cinema then Alice in Video land can be the best option as it plays independent cinema.

You can go for evening walk in park: Christchurch is known by the name garden city. There are lots of park that are the main source of attraction for tourist who want to spend some romantic moment living close to natural beauty. Hagley Park, in the center of Canterbury is considered as the largest town park in the world. Victoria Park is also most famous park situated in this city that offers you splendid scenes.

Besides these, there are many more romantic activities like punting on the Avon, watch the kites at beach, and visit art gallery opening night you can do in Christchurch.

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