5 Things That You Should Not Carry in Your Hand Luggage When Flying

When it comes to the hand luggage that you are allowed to carry with you in the cabin when flying, the airlines and airport authorities are very strict with respect to its contents. If you are planning to fly soon, make sure that you do not carry the five items mentioned in this post.

While it is the responsibility of the airlines and airport authority to provide you with a comfortable and safe flying experience, as a traveller you too have some responsibilities to help them deliver the type of experience you expect when flying. While the baggage rules different between air carriers in India, some of the rules are common for every airline.

For instance, the airlines and the airport authority have strict guidelines when it comes to the hand luggage that you are allowed to carry with you when flying. If you are planning to catch a flight soon, make sure that you do not carry these five items mentioned below-

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  1. Liquids More Than 100ml

While there is nothing wrong if you smell good while travelling, the authorities at the airports in India or the air carriers like JetLite, IndiGo, etc. do not share your love for perfumes as they are inflammable. Apart from perfumes, nail polishes, medicines, hand sanitizers, and face wash too should be avoided or only be carried in 100ml labelled bottles which need to be carried in re-sealable bags of plastic.

  1. Sharp Objects

Needless to say, sharp objects can be a major threat to the security and should certainly be not carried in handbags when flying. These items include nail-cutters, knives, nail-filers, Swiss-army knives, etc. Even if you somehow do pass the security check at the boarding airport, these things can get you in trouble at the destination airport as the baggage rules also depend on boarding and destination airports.

  1. Lighters

Even lighters are a big NO when it comes to hand baggage. In most cases, the airport authorities would remove the lighter from your bag. In case if the lighter is very expensive and a passenger wants to carry it, the authorities usually remove all the fuel from it before allowing it in the hand baggage. Avoid getting into all this trouble by simply not carrying a lighter in the hand baggage when flying.

  1. Ammunition or Gun

Travellers with a licensed gun and bullets are allowed to carry them in the hand luggage. However, the bullets should not be loaded in the gun. Also, a lot of people wear bullets as finger-rings, key chains, and pendants, the airport authorities would probably take away such bullets too, or they can be carried in the checked-in baggage.

  1. Sporting Goods

Sporting goods like Cricket bats, Hockey sticks, Gold clubs, Bows and Arrows, Pool cues, etc. are also not allowed in hand baggage. Be it Mumbai Nagpur flights or flights from Mumbai to Goa, prefer to carry such sporting goods in your checked-in baggage. Similarly, martial arts and self-defence items like brass knuckles, pepper spray, nunchakus, stun guns, etc. are not permitted.

Carrying items that are prohibited from carrying in the hand baggage causes inconvenience to you, as well as, the fellow travellers. Avoid these items and ensure that you check the luggage policy of your air carrier before you leave for the flight.

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