The Blawan Waterfall NearIjen Caldera East Java

The Blawan Waterfall is located near Ijen caldera in Bondowoso, East Java. This waterfall becomes favorite destination to visit in Kalianyar village. The way to reach this waterfall is little bit challenging because you have to walk on stairs up and down. You will find fresh and green view around the waterfall. There is also hot spring near the waterfall and the visitor can feel the natural hot spring here. You can only enjoy the view of this Blawan waterfall from the right side because there is cliff in the front and left side. But, the view is still beautiful with its natural surrounding that will give more beauty to this huge waterfall.

If you are visiting The Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso, you can also try to visit the other location of tourism that still in Blawan waterfall area. Here are location that can be visited near Blawan waterfall that also offers beautiful view and refreshing nuance.

  1. Blawan Hot Spring

This hot spring is not far from the waterfall. So if you come to see Blawan waterfall, you also can come to enjoy the hot spring and relax yourself. This hot spring comes from Ijen caldera that contains sulfur. The water is not hot enough so that it is perfect to wash your feet or face. Sulfur is material that will be good for skin so if you visit the waterfall, you can try to feel the warm water of Ijen caldera in this location. The surrounding view is also good for photos. So that you can get the best vacation experience in  this location.

  1. DamarWulan Bathing Place

The other location that is also interesting to visit in Blawan waterfall area is DamarWulan bathing place. This place is unique because according to story, if you wash your face with the water, you will stay young. If you believe the story, then you can try to wash your face here. The water is fresh and clean so it will be very refreshing. This location is a dam where it used as bathing place for DamarWulan in long time ago. You can feel the fresh air and natural nuance with trees surrounding. If you are visiting Blawan waterfall, do not miss this place because the location is not far from the Blawan.

If you want to feel the natural view and nuance in Bondowoso, then you can visit Blawan waterfall. The waterfall is unique and it is like Niagara waterfall. The end of the water is entering to the ground and will end in Asembagus that still in Bondowoso district. Although the way to the waterfall is little difficult where the visitors should walk along the stairs, the visitors will not feel bored or tired because the natural nuance of Blawan waterfall will be a good companion. If you want to feel the real nature of Bondowoso, The Blawan Waterfall East Javawill be a great destination to visit. Enjoy the landscape and feel the refreshing atmosphere there.

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