Discover the secrets of Casa Vicens by Gaudí

Casa Vicens is the first house designed by the well-known architect Antoni Gaudí, who is considered by many to be the greatest exponent of Modernism. He is even credited with his own architectural movement due to its unique and unrepeatable designs.

This monument, the first of many other that marked an era in modernist architecture, recently opened its doors to the public. This way, now we can go through its intricacies and know its history at first hand.

During our visit to Casa Vicens, there are different spaces we can visit: the outdoor garden, the interior of the house and the roof.

In addition, the house has to halves. One half is identically restored as designed by Gaudí, while in the other half we find Casa Vicens by Gaudí museum.

Outdoor garden

Originally, the garden of Casa Vicens was much larger than the one we visit today. In fact, this garden had its own waterfall and its own viewpoint, from where the Vicens family could quietly contemplate their house and the beautiful garden that surrounded it.

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Ground floor

In the so-called noble floor of Casa Vicens we find the rooms used in day-to-day life: a glamorous dining room is the central space. There, we can highlight its wooden beams ceiling decorated with plant motifs. Around it, we find a magnificent covered gallery with beautiful views of the garden.

We also find one of the most characteristic rooms of Casa Vicens: the smoking room. It is a small room with oriental decoration where blue, green and gold colours predominate.

First floor

The private and most intimate rooms of the Vicens family are on the first floor: two bedrooms, the bathroom and a living room.

Over the gallery on the ground floor, Gaudí designed a large terrace with a wooden bench from which to contemplate the nature around the garden.

On the smoker over the ground floor, there is a little room covered with a fake golden dome.

Second floor

Today, this floor houses Casa Vicens by Gaudí museum, whose contents complement what we have seen during the visit. Extended information, original Gaudí manuscripts, plans, models and even a short video projected in a room equipped for this purpose, are some of the means through which we can expand our knowledge and understanding of this first architectural work by Gaudí.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this plant was the space used for service accomodation.


Gaudi creates in Casa Vicens his first walkable roof, an authentic viewpoint, a space for evasion and contemplation.

This terrace is covered with green and white ceramic tiles and shows the influence of Islamic and oriental architecture in the work of Gaudí. In addition, the original shapes of the chimneys begin to glimpse a unique style that will be later repeated and improved in other designs by Gaudí, such as Palau Güell or Casa Milà.


In this space, where the coal cellar was originally located, there is a shop / bookshop where we can buy original souvenirs from Casa Vicens or books related to architecture or life and work of Antoni Gaudí.

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