5 things to know before visiting Kerala

Kerala is known for its tagline “God’s own country.” And it truly is an eye-appealing place. However, for the ones who are still planning to make this dream destination tour happen, need to plan a trip with some basic information. Here’s what you should know before visiting Kerala:


Probably, the best place to eat in Kerala cannot be justified. Wherever you go, you are bound to get a different taste that compels you to lick your fingers. The best part begins with the breakfast, which includes all varieties of south Indian traditional food items. And for God’s sake do not go on buying water bottles, there are restaurants that offer hot water that has unique texture and taste. Fish is also among the best delicacies not to be missed during Kerala trip. Do not worry about the spicy foods as your digestive system will not trouble you at all. Perhaps the environment and atmosphere in Kerala are just meant for the spices cultivated there.



Kerala has a lot of accommodation for its tourist influx. However, you should plan your stay at Chithirapuram, a small hill townand a famous tourist place to be in. Book your stay beforehand, as the hotels at Chithirapuram in Munnar you wish to reside during your vacation might end up getting full on your arrival date. If your plan is to see greenery and  your stay in the market area, then your visit will not be very fascinating in comparison to the foliage bounded areas. There are hotels in Munnar that are completely encircled with greenery and flowing water. Choose the one that gives you a sense of relief rather than viewing mundane activities.


Who wants to travel whole day instead of actually visiting the tourist attractions? None, I am sure. Yet, the best part begins with the worst. We all know that tourist places are a good way to relax. But during your Kerala tour, your time management skills are put to test. You should always plan your trip and know what you have to visit and what tourist spots can be missed for another trip. Imagine five nights and six days plan can turn haywire with mismanagement of time. You will find yourself running and mostly travelling in hired car rather than enjoying the sublimity of the place. Make sure you visit only two to maximum three places in a six-day span. For the first timers, this place is just in comparison to heaven do-not miss the authentic beauty of it, Greenery in lieu of visiting multiple places.

Retail Therapy:

The place has so much to offer that you just cannot keep your pockets happy. Shops with amazing artifacts and trinkets will sweep you away from your money saving tangent. One must also not forget that there are sweet shops that lure all with their charismatic aroma. In fact, the famous hill station, Munnar is famous for its indigenous chocolates. Do not forget to plan your shopping, as there is a multitude of shops with different options and choices. And, you do not wish to miss any later on return. Furthermore, there are wide varieties of tea, including green, black, and dust among others. Do buy a packet for you and your loved ones. In addition to this, shopping is a good habit, but without bargaining, you will not follow the Indian ritual. Therefore, it is a mandate to bargain. Of course, people out there do not appreciate negotiations, but if do not ask, you will not get it.


If you belong to the category who can speak Hindi and English, you must read this part.

Since you know to speak English, you will be happy to travel across. But with no knowledge of Tamil and Malayalam will make you feel isolated. Though, there are people all over who will help you will their broken Hindi and English. Now, this is not to shoo away your thoughts to visit the place. There are good English speakers who are aware of Hindi as well. But to be on the safe side, make sure you learn a few basic sentences in Malayalam or look for locals who are polyglots.

Maybe there would be many other encounters that you will find, but these are the five things one should know before planning a trip to Kerala.

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