Do`s and Don’ts at the Arabian Safari in UAE

If by any chance you have the best luck in the world of visiting the lavish Arabian lands of Dubai then don’t miss to check out its desert. If you are looking for a place other than the conventional beaches to spend some quality time with your friends and family, then we know just the place for you. Dubai`s desert safari is the most popular tourist destination of all time in these lands. If you want a change of scenery, and something breathes taking to witness then take the advice and arrange yourself a wonderful package to the arabian tours desert safari.

Why choose Phoenix Desert Safari Tours?

There are a dozen of company`s offering packages to the safari, but the top of the list is First excursion. If you have finally decided to take a sneak peek at the mesmerising experience of the morning desert safari, then First excursion is the ultimate choice. Nobody wants to be left stranded especially if they are on foreign soil to enjoy their vacations. We offer the best packages for a delightful experience in the desert safari uae. Honestly speaking, if one hasn’t tasted the rustic desert if Dubai then you haven’t had a taste of nature at all. You can visit forests, skiing resorts, and waterfalls and so on but there is hardly any chance of you visiting a real desert with the luxuries that the desert safari provides.


Care to remember these things:

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and it is wise to avail it if you want to have an everlasting experience. If you have decided to go to the desert safari, the first thing you need to be careful of is your attire. Keep yourself light and wear clothes that aren’t too tight and warm. If you don’t go with a light wardrobe, then you will eventually end up drenched in sweat rather than in the spirit of adventure. It is convenient to carry shades and light refreshments with you, but the package provides you with the necessary meals so it is wise to go light on your backpack. Dubai desert safari is all about the beautiful heat and warmth of the desert as well as the sports.

If you are sensitive to the heat, then you should cover yourself up good with sun block and keep yourself fully hydrated. The best activities to do in the desert are the sand boarding but for less enthusiastic people camel rides are available as well. Camel riding is a unique activity at the desert as it takes you back to the old times when the camel used to be the only ride in the scorching desert. The desert offers camping sites for meals and entertainment as well. If you are having a bad day, then worry not, the exotic belly dancers of the desert safari will lighten up your mood in no time. The smoky air, the exotic music and the Middle Eastern aromas will take you straight into the tales of the Arabian nights.

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