Mix up of love and sad songs: playlist for music lovers

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to listen music, alteast everybody likes something or some parts in a music. Some people like to hear slow romantic or sad songs, other likes party songs and some people just enjoy every kind of music. Thus, it depends on your situation and emotions that helps you in choosing a genre in music. there are numerous songs that covers every kind of feelings like love songs for him or her, hate, anger, Heartbreak, happy ,sad and even feeling numb. You just have to do little search and you will get your songs. Here is a list of different songs for different kinds of feelings.


Songs for lovebirds: romantic songs

There are so many people who love to hear romantic songs. That’s why they are waiting for best love songs 2017. The specialty of love songs is that it helps in evoking sweet, positive and happy feelings in your heart. Love story by Tylor shift ,Part time lover by Stevie honder,This guy’s in love with you by herb alpert, The power of love by Celina Dion  etc are some super romantic songs that you should listen,

Songs for breakup: sad songs

Heartache is one of the wonderful feelings that hurts you but still gives you strength to work in difficult situations. At those times you need something that can console you and nothing can work greater than music. It helps you in soothing your heart and gives you a power to deal with that situation. There are various songs like love the way you lie by Eminem and rihaana, need you now by lady antebellum, big girls don’t cry by the 4 seasons, I am sorry by Brenda lee etc are one of those songs that can leave you cry by their strong lyrics.

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