Adventures in Albania that you can enjoy during your trip

Albania is a small country famous for its natural beauty which includes natural sceneries, beaches, mountains and historical monuments. This country has a lot to offer which is considered under Albania adventures. You can do trekking, hiking, kayak riding, scuba diving, climbing, skiing, off road driving and many other things.

To experience all these adventures you need to travel in Albania. Mentioned below are the adventures that the Albania offers to its visitors.

Trekking: Albania offers some of the very attractive trekking locations all over the country. You can do trekking on Vermosh to peak of Markul which is 2186 meters above sea level. It offers many such trekking packages which attract many adventure seekers from all around the world. The trekking package may vary according to the numbers of days depending upon the trail that you will choose.


Hiking: Albania thrills its visitors with many hiking sites available to have some fun while experiencing some thrills. There are many touring companies which offer hiking package to conquer the peaks of many highlands that are present in various parts of Albania. They provide you with hiking equipment that are necessary for hiking. You can do hiking from Lapush to Vermosh path, Vermosh to Valley of Thethi and at many other locations. Hiking locations includes simple lands, off road hiking on rough lands, hiking in the national forests, or on the mountains.

Kayak riding: Albania also offers the adventure of kayak riding in the sea. Albania coastline is famous for its crystal clear water which makes it perfect to ride kayak boats to enjoy some waves and water life. As the water is clear you can see the fishes around your kayak. Some of the beaches have almost still water which makes it easy for those people who are new to kayak riding in the sea. If you want to have some thrill added to the kayak riding you can visit some beaches which offer waves on which you can ride your kayak.

Scuba diving: Scuba diving is an underwater adventure that Albania has to offer to its visitors. Albania beaches are famous for its crystal clear and still water which provides the visitors with the perfect conditions to do scuba diving. There are many scuba diving companies in Albania which are offering their services in scuba diving. Albanian beaches are the best to experience the underwater life. The best places for scuba diving are Bay of Vlora, Sazan Island, and Karaburun peninsula. With over 10 Kilometres of coastline and turquoise water, the sea offers many species of fish, corals and many sea animals such as tortoise, turtles or lobsters.

Climbing: Canyons of Albania offers many types of climbing rocks or walls. Climbing is an adventurous thing to do in Albanian canyons. There are many climbing companies which provides all the safety as well as important equipment which are needed to do climbing on these straight canyon walls. The best place to experience the thrill of rock climbing is the Albanian Canyon and Bay of Gjipea.

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