Cruise Ship Luggage Transportation Service: From Door to Cabin

Wouldn’t it be lovely if when you travelled your bulky cruise ship luggage was transported and delivered to your cabin without you having to take it from proverbial pillar to post? A holiday should be wholly luxurious and restful, shouldn’t it?

A luggage transportation service may be something that you haven’t really considered before.

Maybe you’ve struggled with luggage for years and wondered why there wasn’t a luggage courier service that could save you the bother.

Perhaps you knew there were companies who could offer cruise ship luggage services but you believed that they were probably too expensive and that was the last thought which you gave to the matter.

Well, here’s some excellent news, there are luggage transportation companies who offer cost effective services with excellent client and luggage care. Foregoing the delights of luggage lugging is not complicated or costly.

One of the elite luggage courier service firms is Tefra-bag who has a large presence and great reputation in Germany, Austria and France.

They have recently expanded in to the UK and they serve every port which cruises from the UK depart from.

As proof of their dedication to excellence they are partnered with every leading cruise company in Germany and given time they may extend their partnerships with UK cruising operators.

Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes service is available to and from ports which means that your holiday can start from home, not when you finally get to drop your suitcases in your cabin.

Some luggage transportation firms deliver to the ship, others like Luggage Heroes ensure that your luggage courier service deposits your suitcases and bags in your cabin.

That gives the experience a magical feel. Without any exertion from you, the holidaymaker, your luggage is in the correct place at the perfect time.

How much do luggage courier services cost? Aren’t they expensive?

No, as with any market there is competitive pricing but you should ensure that you are guaranteed quality service.

The cruise luggage courier will arrive as you’ve arranged with the company, take your luggage with them but not the keys, and manage its transportation efficiently and effectively.

On average door to cabin one-way carriage will cost around £40-45 per item of luggage.

A return cabin to door service will cost exactly the same but many cruise ship luggage service providers offer discounts and rebates if the outward and return journeys are booked together.

Paying less does not mean that service standards will be lower but paying over the odds won’t necessarily deliver excellence either.

The best way to establish a firm’s standards is to read past client reviews.

They’ll give you a strong idea of value for money, expertise, experience and the luggage courier services accuracy and care.

Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes service has arrived in the UK with over twenty years’ experience and a will to succeed.

Let’s see the positive impact this has on our holiday luggage arrangements and aching arms.

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