My summer in Florence: studying italian while having a good time

When I left my little town in the South, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect from this dazzling adventure.

Surely, I planned to leave for fun and not only for my Italian courses.
Why did I choose Italy?
Do I really have to tell you why I chose the most beautiful country in the world which has the tastiest food I’ve ever enjoyed in my whole life?
Well, here we are, let’s summarize the most extraordinary adventure of a international lonely woman in Florence, Italy.

When I was a teenager, I used to watch old movies set in those great Italian towns: Rome, Naples, Florence and the exclusive Venice.
My family was inclined to travel around the world before I was born and they kept telling me how much they liked Italy in all its shades: people, sightseeing, food, tradition and art.

So I lived with this love for the Mediterranean Peninsula and once I graduated I promised myself I’d have had some time in Italy for both learning its challenging but so intimate language and tasting the savoury food.


I made so much researches of which city I should go to and which school could have been the best for my desires. I chose Florence for so many factors!
1st, its ideal position in a sort of way very comfortable in the middle of the country and I’ll explain you later the reason why this was a very important reason, and second for the school I chose among so countless others. Analyzing experiences and testimonials on the web concerning Italian schools for international students, I nearly had no alternative but choose its name!
I went to classes at David Institute of Florence where I felt easily welcome and I was lucky enough to feel a high level of professionalism.

Learning a new language is not a joke, moreover if we think to study a very tricky language as Italian is, but this school knows how to deal with that and I learnt as much as I could in a couple weeks. I perhaps won’t be able to read and translate the well known Dante and his Divina Commedia, but I’m now adequate to let people grasp what i say and I even can be left alone in the streets without the issue of communication.

I made everything on line on and all I needed to do was just… LEAVE!

As I arrived in Florence (yes, there is a little but functional international airport near the historical town) I was overwhelmed by the noise and the perfumes around me. I was in Italy, now!
I picked up my belongings and called a cab, everything was just going on well, until I tried to tell my driver the place I had to get to.
He first understood David the popular sculpture by Michelangelo and took me there, exactly in front of the Galleria dell’Accademia. Then, after thousands of explanations in my very confused and poor Italian, added to his quite deceptive English, he finally took me to the entrance of the David School.

Quite amusing, isn’it?

I’ve always considered myself as a person who doesn’t like eating that much. I mean, I can appreciate a good dish, but I’m not keen on cooking food or eating as a general rule. Well, this was way before I went to Florence.
I’ll never forget their juicy Fiorentina, a sort of a very famous local t-bone renowned around the entire peninsula.
I treated myself like a king and I even got fat but it’s not possible not to eat while you are here, it is part of the experience in Italy.
Ice creams, pizza, meat, pasta, salumi (jam, salame and other pieces of real paradise) are virtually everywhere around you and you can’t refuse!

I chose Florence for its strategical location because I planned to have some trips during my stay. I went to the Fashion Capital, Milan then Venice and Rome and I could travel a lot thanks to the trains. From Florence you a have a large and very well-connected railway system that allows you to get to almost any destination you wish.
Still if you want to stay in Florence only, you need to be sure to have at least one week for sightseeing this incredible city.
Its Uffizi, with work of arts by Botticelli as his Venus, must be reserved on time considering that each and every day there is a fair queue of persons waiting at the entrance.
And as you walk by Florence streets or along the magnificent Ponte Vecchio, you can touch the real historical past all around you. This city hosted the most stunning creative thinkers of the centuries: Leonardo, Dante, Lorenzo il Magnifico.
This is the cradle of mankind knowledge, this is where Italian language was born and I was enough blessed to live here for two entire weeks.

After feeling a sense of freedom, I had to remind myself the reason of my vacation to Florence: learn a new language!
I strived hard to memorize and practice the most I could, but there was also a sufficient amount of time for us, the students, to have a blast with people!
We used to go out in groups after courses and I immediately learnt that “aperitivo” is a great way to enjoy some time in an Italian bar just before dinner time. I won’t tell you more, just discover by yourself and you won’t be upset!

Italian guys are so much fun and laid back, you will find yourself in an extraordinary atmosphere.
You won’t regret this investment, you will definitely regret not having done that sooner!

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