When the old replaces the modern things- Chellah necropolis

Sometimes, the old becomes an undiscovered history. The fact is that if we compare a park very modern with another attractions like an abandoned building, most of the tourist would prefer this striking park, more than ancient ruins.

If you want to go for a walk around the ancient ruins you need imagination, you need to be motivated to know something interesting and you must feel interested about history; this is what happens when people visit Chellah necropolis, a place, without a doubt, mysterious, old and full of stories to know.


When you are doing a Morocco Tour it seems impossible not to fall in love with the history and traditions that are around the city. One of the main keys when doing a Morocco Trips is having that feeling of discovering new things as increasing you knowledge about history. Every big metropolis could offer fun and beaches, but Morocco has this special thing of antiques and history that makes you transport to the past.

Near of being a big metropolis or an amusement park, the Chellah necropolis is the perfect place to disconnect of the world and the 21 century. This monument with centuries old is the perfect place for history lovers and those who love going for a walk. For this reason, a Tour of Morocco ted to include this amazing adventure in which we go through the unknown. Because this is not a simple places with some monuments in which you walk around while you are writing on your phone, here you learn many facts about Morocco history, for example they show us how Phoenicians, Carthaginians, romans and Arabs used to live in a singular city.

If you are interested it’s really important to contact a Morocco Travel Agency and tell them about this last forced stop. You will not take the whole day walking around it and it will give that extra bit to your trip.

Base on the history, it’s important to know that like many places, Chellah necropolis has a history. Its beginning is related with Phoenicians but it wasn’t until the arrival of Romans that this city would develop and would become important. As many cities, it was left to its fate and in this way the Arabic people took advantage of this opportunity to place a mesquite and many sanctuaries. Some natural phenomena ended and turned this city into a kingdom of ruins, but the time has passed and it has been restoring to offer to the tourist a special Tour of Morocco. After all, nobody would not want to lose the opportunity of walking over here. Definitely, this is like a Royal palace almost ruined in which it is very interesting walk around this place and talking about its history.

When you begin the Morocco Tour around Chellah, it’s recommended to visit it when the day is almost finished. It is always better to go to those place that tend to be crowded in the morning and leave this place when the trip has already started.

The first thing we are going to see will be an imposing wall that works as a protection. Here, we will know that we came to the imposing Chellah and you could be sensitively. When you continue the tour, little by little, we will find this city, with a nourished environment with trees and shrubbery. Here we could feel this essential characteristic of Chellah, and little by little we will be coming to this city. Then, we will be directly exposed with everything that it is related to this period of time; places and activities related to this period of time that we will love and we will discover by ourselves.

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