Enjoying 14 Days in The Paradise of Vietnam

Did you ever dream about going to a place where nobody knows you, and you know nobody? You do solo travelling to a city or country you have never visited before to see what you missed all your life. Then, Vietnam could be the best alternative to help you make history in your own life. Vietnam is one distinct place on Earth keeping secret pearls only to be revealed to peaceful minds.


But, before packing your travel bag and buy a plane ticket, make sure you have got a tour guide from trustworthy Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel. They will make sure that you will get lost in such a new place and miss magnificent destinations.

Vietnam’s Top Destinations

You will commonly find various tour packages offered by your Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel. They mostly come up with differences on the package’s duration and list of destinations. Vietnam tour 14 days can be your best option if you do only have around 2-week holiday. But, don’t worry—in just 2 weeks, Vietnam will serve you with everything unforgettable.

Ho Chi Minh would welcome you with its buzz and crowd. The city’s streets are known to be filled with insane traffic, mostly occupied by motorbikes and cars. Yet, do not worry about your safety as long as you keep up with your guide from good Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel. The city is just so dazzling to miss whenever you visit Vietnam.


NhaTrang is a popular sandy spot in Vietnam. The beach is stretched along six kilometers, completed with a huge number of entertainment areas such as swimming areas, manicured longing, and even Nagar Cham Towers. It is a worship site which was built in the 7th century.

From seeing the vast ocean at NhaTrang, you are led by your Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel to Hoi An, where historical architecture would blow your mind. The buildings are so well-preserved, so that tourists from all around the world would miss the place for its hospitality and unbearable cultural sphere.

Yet, visiting Vietnam without going to Halong Bay is almost like eating tasteless foods. It may taste good, but lack of something so important. Halong Bay is one of UNESCO’s heritage sites located in Vietnam. The bay is special for it keeps thousands of limestone islands. Once you see them, you’ll be definitely amazed you want to come back there as soon as possible.

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