All the paperwork and visa you need for long term stay in Bangkok

Once you are in Bangkok, you’d never want to leave! The beautiful city that brings hi-tech city life and traditional Thai culture seamlessly together has a way of making people its own. Everything about Bangkok, from its bustling streets, delectable Thai food to it’s exciting nightlife mesmerises those who come here for a visit.

The city is fast becoming the preferred destination for expats, travelers, and digital nomads. And, apart from the various other reasons why Bangkok is one of the best places to live in – it’s smooth sailing visa processes are also a huge perk for foreign nationals.

Thailand offers a 60-day tourist visa which can be further extended by 30 days by a visa run. But, those who’d like to live in the multi-dimensional Thai city for a longer period there are also quite a few options available.

So if you are looking to make Bangkok your home for more than a few months, here are all the Visa requirements and paperwork you’d need to fulfil.

Visa Options For Long Term Stay in Bangkok –

One Year Non-Immigrant Visa

The basic visa one can get to stay in the country for a period up to 1 year, is to get a non -immigrant visa. This kind of visa however requires a 90 day reporting of the current address one is staying at and have your Visa stamped and extended by Visa officials.

Basic requirements for applying for a one year visa are as follows –

  • A passport with at least 6-month validity from the date of your intended arrival in Thailand
  • Visa application form completely filled out
  • Recent (4 x 6 cm.) photograph of the applicant
  • An invitation or confirmation letter to clarify the purpose of travel issued by the concerned organization.
  • Additional supporting document requested as requested
  • Proof of financial funds and travel itinerary.
  • Embassy fee as prescribed

Business Visa (B)

For those in the country for employment or business purposes, a Thai Business Visa is an option. If you are working in a Thai company or are going to conduct business in Bangkok, this kind of visa can be obtained on the basis of documents provided by your employer or documents of your company. An extension to a long term visa is also possible.

A work permit application along with the visa must be obtained to continue working in the country legally.


Education Visa (Ed)

Students who would like to pursue education in a Thai school or university, can apply for a student or education visa. Though the school must be a certified one, the intended course does not affect eligibility and one can even obtain a student visa for going to a language school.

One can immediately apply for the visa on enrollment and completion of admission procedures on the basis of documents provided by the school and generally the institutions apply for visa on your behalf so it’s much less of a hassle. The validity of the visa depends on the duration of the course and can be up to 3 years, though a renewal needs to be done every 90 days.

Retirement Visa (O)

Persons who are over 50 years of age and have sufficient retirement funds can opt to apply for a retirement visa for one year, to stay in Bangkok. For the purpose of this visa a person must be of required age and have a monthly income or pension  of 65000 baht. An amount of 8,00,000 TBH must be deposited into a Thai bank account 2 months prior to the application for visa.

The following are requirements and paperwork to obtain the visa –

  • Must be 50 years old and above
  • A passport with at least 6-month validity from the date of your intended arrival in Thailand
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Departure Card TM.6
  • Proof of meeting Financial Requirements
  • Thai Bank Book (original)
  • Letter from your Thai Bank
  • Three(3) 4×5 cm photos

Marriage Visa (O)

Too young for retirement? If you are married to a Thai national, there is the marriage visa option open for you. To stay with your spouse in bangkok for long term, you can apply for this visa. And, all you need is the proof of your marriage and funds that are way less than what the retirement visa requires. Couple it with a work permit and you can also start working in the city legally.

The following are the requirements are required to be met –

  • 40,000 THB monthly Income as couple
  • 4,00,000 THB deposited in a Thai bank account
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Spouse ID card & Household Registration

Bangkok really has got something for everybody, and once you have a taste of it as a tourist, you can never get enough of its hospitality and culture. Many tourists come to the city only to fall irrevocably in love with it. And, thanks to its myriad visa options there are quite a few paths foreign nationals can take to make the city their long term home.

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