How to become a Travel Writer (seriously)

You’re mind focuses on the place you’re visiting only when it wants to. But to interpret a destination for your readers, you have to look for new angles on the same old things while at the same time sharing your pleasure with your readers. There can be many preaching and advices on becoming a Travel Content Writer but there are some actual tips and steps to be followed appropriately to become a travel writer seriously.


The first step in the journey of Travel Content Writers is to start reading and gathering of knowledge and information.  One needs to read all the “greats,” without skip the abstruse writers. Reading magazines, library books,checking the Google Books and reading Google Magazines are some of the doorstep that serves as a first reach in becoming travel writer seriously.

After thorough reading has been accomplished, the next serious step could be to start a blog. Travel Content Writers has to have a decent portfolio of publication to be regarded asa “travel writer,” and certaintyto be published. Many of the writers have published their writing or posted on blogs,some have gotten book deals, whilesome get no more than the recognition for their writing for a random reader.


For a travel writer working on Travel Freelance Content Writing Jobs, it is essential to build a network, online and offline as well. Starting own blog, setting up a Facebook and Twitter account and posting regularly the updates. Developing personal contacts though via online also helps to seriously continuing as a travel writer.

The next serious step to be followed in Travel Content Writing Jobs is to be professional and remove the casual behaviour. One has to learn how to be steep and query. Also the Travel Content Writer has to prepare them for rejection. The sooner one learns to handle the rejection and move on, more smoothly the task and successful a Travel Content Writer becomes.


To be a serious travel writer, today’s competitive Travel Content Writing Jobs demands developing other relevant skills. Assignments usually awarded to writers who also possess other relevant skills, especially in photography. If a travel writer can offer an editor a complete package of writing and photos, it may save him/her lots of time.Along with these skills, the other skill or it can be called an art is to Get a writing partner. Writing has pretty cloistered moments, and reviewing of work with a writing partner in case if you there are problems with spelling, grammar, etc. can be invaluable. If a travel writer participates in a writers’ group it can be more useful, by this one can develop a support network of writers that can offer constructive feedback.

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