World tours: the pleasure of enjoying the select

If you have the chance of travelling for some months, for sure you would like to take a trip around the world. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But depending on our available time, we’ll have to adapt our routes and define which are our favourite destinations and which others we wish to visit, but we don’t know certainly if it’ll be possible because of the lack of time.

Searching luxury package holidays through a travel agency in order to guide our adventure is a good option. We can also take a map and draw several routes highlighting the countries and cities we would like to visit.

Here we’re going to resume the most popular destinations to help travelling lovers to draw their own tour around the world. Let’s take off!

Luxury destinations if you dream about travelling around the whole world.

How hard is choosing a limited number of cities to visit in a world full of unique corners! Those are some of the areas we recommend you visiting, take photos of, live and remember. We are sure they won’t disappoint you.

SouthAfrica. When we think about paradises, wouldn’t be great to include a safari? Few times in your life you have the chance to live such an experience with elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. But South Africa is much more than that. You will be amazed by Victoria Falls and beaches that you can’t even imagine.

 India.While taking a world tour, India is a compulsory stop. The country of the colors, Hinduism, mysticism and contrasts. You can’t miss Delhi, the pink city of Jaipur or Taj Mahal. Once you visit this land, you’ll want to stay there forever.

Sri Lanka and Maldives. Let’s take an interior and intimate trip while we enjoy of ancestral temples and millenaries fortress and we meet Buda.

You can finish this tour in white-sand beaches with turquoise waters, corals, colourful fishes, tropical fruits and the best sunsets you’ll see in your life while you’re chilling in a floating villa.

Cuba. If you prefer taking a tour through Spanish-speaking countries, you should include some days in Cuba in your schedule. Cuba is its people, its rum, its cigars, its unique way of seeing life. Houses with colourful facades, Caribbean beaches, lobsters and tons of rhythm with music all day and night.

Costa Rica. FromCuba toCosta Rica. There’s no need of big areas. If we talk about exoticism, in Puerto Rico we can find all we can imagine. Big part of its charm is due to its people, but additionally you will be able to travel through the jungle, walk among unique sceneries, virgins, narrows and wets. Costa Rica has crystalline beaches, volcanos, thermal waters, suspension bridges and astonishing scenes that only nature can provide. Costa Rica is pure life.

And you? How do you plan your tour around the world?


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