Discovering Tarragona: tradition, entertainment and culture beyond the city

Travelling to the region of Catalonia and visiting only Barcelona is like visiting Paris just to see Eiffel Tower. In Catalonia, we’ll find much more attractions to go all over than its undeniably monumental capital, such as its Pyrenean area, its idyllic Costa Brava and other towns which could mean days and days of visiting and discovering. Examples of these localities are Girona or the one we’ll talk about today: Tarragona.

This way,  travelling by train to Tarragona means being in a port which have seen many cultures sailing its coasts. In fact, Romans, Arabs, and many other nations didn’t hesitate to leave their cultural print in form of monuments such as the magnificent Amphitheatre, the Roman Circus, the Cathedral and different jewels like the Rambla Nova. Walking through it is totally a gift for the senses.

However, if all the things we can find in this charming city at the Mediterranean edge are not enough for us, in a 50-km radius we can enjoy from the immensity of the mountains that surround the last stretch of Ebro river, to the touristic Costa Dorada beaches and Port Aventura Park: the entertainment epicentre. What can we do and see in Tarragona’s surroundings?

 Reus: Gaudi cradle

If after our well-deserved visit to Tarragona we feel like visiting more monumental, elegant stone-carved buildings and modernism at its finest, we can drive 10 minutes to Reus, where the architectural genius Antoni Gaudi was born and grown.

In addition to its interpretation centre, we can find in Reus the Plaza Mercadal, with the city hall and surrounded by modernist buildings such as Casa Navas and many more constructions with the same architectonic style. While walking through its charming streets we can´t miss the opportunity of enjoying the local gastronomy.

Salou: entertainment in pure state

After getting culturally stepped in the charm of Tarragona and Reus, we can easily get all the conceivable entertainment in barely 10 minutes driving from the capital. This time we’ll border its coast.

In Salou, we’ll find not only a sunny destination with first class beaches, but also places like the theme park Port Aventura, the recently opened Ferrariland and many other aquatic and familyamusement that will give you days of fun with no time for boredom.

Siurana: where Mediterranean Sea and mountains converge

Tarragona is not only the Mediterranean coast. If we go 50 km into its interior, near to the edge of Ebro river, that faces the lasts kilometres of the travel to its beautiful mouth, we’ll find Siurana valley and mountains. Here we’ll be able to visit charming mountain villages and breath-taking cliffs and canyons totally covered by vegetation. This is a truly advisable place to go trekking.

Delta del Ebro, the city of Tortosa, Tamarit coves… Surroundings of Tarragona hide dozens of hideouts we can aimlessly visit, always enjoying of a province that will win our hearts the same way Barcelona does.


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