Are you in search of Egypt real estate? Do you want to purchase a real estate in Egypt? Are you looking for a real estate in Port Ghalib? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then look no further as we offer you Egypt real estate, particularly in Port Ghalib.

Port Ghalib is just 65km south of the Quseir city and just five minutes away from the popular MarsaAlam international airport, located along the southern red sea coral coast of Egypt. Port Ghalib is a unique development that is designed to combine the charm and mystery of the past and blend it with our contemporary time. It is also a great combination of diverse natural, historical and various influences. Of all the cities of ancient and popular Egypt, Port Ghalib stands out and is a promising land full of life and vigor.


If you are in search of Egypt real estate, then Port Ghalib is a right destination for you as it offers various services and recreational activities for divers, trekkers, hikers, locals and tourist. If you are a lover of tourism, then Port Ghalib is a beautiful place to visit. Are you a diver? Do you love deep water diving? If yes, you should visit Port Ghalib and enjoy your stay diving and exploring the sea. Egypt real estate in Port Ghalib enjoys a very popular synergy of accessibility, prime location, natural and architectural beauty.

If you are in search of Egypt real estate, then Port Ghalib is the sure destination for you as it has all the facilities, features and services that you will ever crave for and dream of in a real estate. Are you a lover of five star hotels? Do you want a location with lots of five star hotels for your real estate? If so, then hurry to Port Ghalib and make your investment. Port Ghalib is a proud haven of an international marina, lots of five star hotels, resorts and standard beaches. Egypt real estate should have marina lodge, good and standard hospitals, standard schools sports tours andan excellentsupermarket. At Port Ghalib, you do not have any type of structures but those that are world-class standard which an Egypt real estate should have. Port Ghalib boosts of clean pharmacies, international transportation system and an international convention center. Port Ghalib Egypt real estate boosts of hundreds of retail outlets, galleries, boutique, restaurants, cafeterias and discotheque. Egypt real estate also has fabulous marina residences that are a fusion of ancient and modern architecture giving birth to a unique and serene environment. Port Ghalib also has villas, apartments, townhouses and studios. There are several 6-star resorts that have a combination of both commercial and recreational facilities.

Ancient Egypt still lives on and blends with modern Egypt. If you are in search of Egypt real estate in Port Ghalib, then contact us now. We provide full information about the details, technicalities and other factors about Port Ghalib which you need to know before your purchase a real estate, particularly Egypt real estate in Port Ghalib.

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