In the local language, the city is called “Praha”, which means “fast” (of a river). Do not miss this beautiful tour of the place where the old style meets the modern world.

Prague is one of the most beautiful and preserved cities in the world. Receives thousands of tourists per day and of cultural and historical sites to explore is endless.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is home to around 1,200,000 inhabitants.

It is one of the magical places of old Europe, where it is a real pleasure to wander through its streets and enjoy everything the city has to offer.


The city center is a perfect blend of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, its nineteenth-century adaptations and Art Nouveaureúne.

In 1992, Prague was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A must visit is the whole area of the historic center where the old Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Charles Bridge and Josefov.

The New Town area “Nové Mesto” attracts thousands of tourists with its shops, cafes,museums and theaters, which throughout the day are a lot of people.

Prague offers culture, amazing, where throughout the year you can enjoy classical music programs, jazz, rock, opera, ballet, theater art, fine museums and art galleries.

The Jewish Museum is a must-see site, has one of the largest collections of Jewish items in the world with about 40,000 items and 100,000 books, all from different territories of Bohemia and Moravia.

Walking Prague one can find incredible monuments like the old Charles Bridge created in honor of the founder of the city Carlos IV, the Old Town Square with its magnificent astronomical clock, the National Theatre, the statue in honor of Franz Kafka, countless churches and theaters.

Other must-see are the towers of the city: the City Hall tower of the Old Town, the Powder Tower, Tower Bridge Old Town or Tower Bridge Malá Strana, the cathedral tower St. Vitus, Prague Castle, Petrin Lookout, the temple bell of St. Nicholas or television station in Zizkov.

Museums in Prague

Prague is a city full of culture where museums of different types abound, and many of them contain unique pieces in the world.

In addition to the works of art that can be appreciated, the vast majority of museums are already attractive in itself, by the amazingly preserved premises where they are.

If within the plans is to take a tour of the museums, there are some that should not miss on this itinerary:

– Dvorák Museum.

– Museum of Smetana.

– Czech Museum of Ancient Art (Prague Castle).

– National Museum of Technology.

– Museum of Jewish Culture in Prague.

– National Museum and ceremonial hall.

– Army Historical Museum.

– Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts and Exhibition of European art at the National Gallery of the City of Prague.

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