3 Common Mistakes When Scouting for a Function Room

Not all function rooms are created equal. Some of them are bigger than others; there are rooms that offer a great view of the cityscape and there are those that are totally closed. There are also rooms that can be used for various events, while there are spaces intended only for specific occasions. But regardless of their differences, function rooms cater to only one kind of client: people looking for places to host their activities.

You may think at first glance that it is easy to score a function room, but in reality it isn’t. Among many things, there are other event planners looking for spaces to host their activities in a much tighter timeframe, so this means you will be competing with them. Another reason is that the event you’re brewing has its own specifications, thus you will need a function room that meets these requirements. In essence, you are in a stiff competition with other planners with only a narrow selection of rooms to choose from.

This situation puts you at risk to committing crucial event planning mistakes. If you have not realized them yet, then here are the most common pitfalls that you may end up with during your search for a function room-and how you can avoid them:

common mistake

  1. You settle with what’s available.

Some planners (especially the lazy ones) make do with what’s readily available at their grasp, from vendors to venues. What usually happens is that they plan late, so they are faced with very limited options to secure their necessities. And yes, a lot of function rooms in Singapore close their doors to late reservations, or give their packages at regular and not discounted rates.

Of course you don’t want to make unnecessary spending for items that you could have gotten at lower prices, right? The rule of thumb here is to make your reservations early, so that you can grab discounts and negotiate better with the venue management on the package you opt to take.

  1. You rely on the photos.

Planning an event, no matter how early you start, is always deprived of ample prep time. Because of this, a lot of organizers rely more on the photos of their prospective venues, rather than do actual ocular visits.

common mistakes

This can lead to a disaster because you have not concrete gauge on how to utilize the function room’s floor space based on your needs. Sure, the dimensions of the room can be given by the venue management, but to visualize how the event is to be set up right where it happens is more important for you. In addition, the photos only showcase the best angles of the room; they may not look the same when you do an actual visit.

  1. You forget to check the behind-the-scenes necessities.

It can be very exciting to plan an event, and for sure what you are going to envision mostly are the things needed on the floor space itself-the seats, the decorations, props, food and music. But you may also oversee that there are other necessities that have to be addressed.

These include the technical aspects of the function room in Singapore that you have selected for the event-the electrical setups, availability of equipment such as projectors and speakers, positioning of the lights, functionality of comfort rooms, and even parking space.

The behind-the-scenes needs of the event are very crucial in making it a success, because apart from the eye candy, your guests will be using most these during the occasion. They will be going to the comfort room several times, they will be needing things such as paper towels, and some of them might arrive in their own vehicles. You have to secure all these needs prior to your event, just so you are prepared for whatever surprise that may take place.



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