5 Tips for Finding Activities to do on your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is an essential part in founding your marital relationship with your partner. It is a form of holiday spent in intimacy and seclusion from others in which, romance, and affection take the forefront over the prior cordial ceremony. With that being said, it is imperative to avoid going in blind. Be sure to plan that special day. In order to help plan activities and create an enjoyable experience, here are some handy tips.

Establish a budget

Before anything can be set in stone, budget needs to be evaluated. Your honeymoon budget will dictate many of the activities to come. A comfortable budget is what matters most, your honeymoon is a time of bliss and however much you decided to spend, the bill should not become a concern. With that being said, the average honeymoon can cost around $5,000 dollars. If the sky’s the limit with your budget, then this could easily be higher. However, if that price seems hefty, don’t fret there is still all kinds of opportunities for less. Don’t overlook the little things.

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Plan your day

Many couples spend their honeymoon as a sort of vacation, visiting exotic locations and seeing the sights. If this is something you intend to do be sure to pick a specific location and learn about it before you arrive. Print maps, research attractions, restaurants, and hotels within that area. Highlight the places on your map you’d like to see and schedule your day to best suit that plan. Be sure to take into consideration things like weather, and other environmental differences. At worst, without planning, you could get lost in an unfamiliar place. With some precautions and research, you may find exactly what fits your budget, your belly, and your interest all within just a few miles.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Wherever you are, helpful people are usually just around the corner. If your ideas run dry there is bound to be a local, or others visiting like you, who could make some great suggestions to help spice up your adventure with your lover, just be sure to use your instincts when it comes to whom you approach. If they seem busy or worse, then it’d be best to find someone else.

Dust off that bucket list

If you or your fiancé have a bucket list already created, great! If not, now might be the time to talk about making one, it might even come off as romantic. Your list will provide worthwhile, life time desires to accomplish and some of them might just pertain to where you decide to take your honeymoon. In fact, ukweddingsavings.co.uk recommends, Paris, Spain, and Hawaii.


Remember to talk to your partner about what ideas you have in mind, and make sure both of you will enjoy them. It can be a massive buzzkill, on a joyous day, to find that you or your partner isn’t quite enjoying an activity the same way it was intended. When planning things together, as a team, you will be able to collaborate and bounce ideas between each other. This will create a more enjoyable experience as a whole than had you planned most of the trip with good intentions.

What activities are you planning to do on your honeymoon?

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