Washington is a capital of the USA since 1800. The city belongs to none of the rest of country states, being the separate administrative element. The official name of the city is District of Columbia, briefly D.C. That is why Americans usually call this prominent place Washington D.C., or just D.C.

Actually, the city was founded in 1791. It got its name in honor of the first American president George Washington. Speaking about Washington, you, first of all, think of the White House – president residence. Of course, this is not the only one interesting city sight that is worth visiting. Washington is a city of museums, beautiful parks and gardens, trade centers and monuments.

Best time to visit: festivals and events

Washington is a place of colorful celebrations. It would be great to visit this pace during the festival. Never miss the Monday Night at the National-free for visiting musical, dance performance in EastEnd national Theatre. Cherry Blossom Festival is the next unique occasion, worth visiting in the end of March. Do you like flying kites? National Kite Festival is the right place for you, then.

Summer is also interesting season for visiting Washington. You may watch classical films, sitting on a green lawn in July-August during Screen on the Green festival. Shakespeare Free for All takes place every year from August 18th till September 4th, attracting all poetry lovers.

Where to go: entertainments, excursions, city sights

There is a popular open public space in the very center of the city -National Mall. The exhibit items of the local museums are mostly the pieces of arts from all over the world. The most meaningful monument in Columbia is situated in the center of Mall – a monument to George Washington. This is the marble needle, which is the highest in the world – 169 meters high. Lincoln Memorial is also near here.


Now you go on to the National Museum of American History. The name speaks for itself! The history lovers never miss the National Archives: such famous documents as Constitution of the USA, Declaration of Independence are carefully keeping here.

It is to go to the Washington state Capitol, which is rising above the Mall buildings. Actually, this is the tallest construction in the city – 55 meters. The capitol facade is decorated with fresco, illustrating the rich American history. Not far from the shadow parks and alleys, the White House is situated. You know, the huge palace is really white, grand and majestic.

Going further, to the South from Mall, you come closer to the Tidal Basin, a beautiful pool with the cherry trees by the sides. It is the exciting view in spring. Not far from the Tidal Basin there is Franklin Memoria land Jefferson Memorial.


National Mall is not the only one city place, with is worth your attention. For example, the district of Foggy Bottom is also interesting for tourists. At first, this is the region of the Center of Arts, National Opera House, and Washington Ballet Company. Looking for hot thrills, you should not miss Georgetown-district of night clubs and other entertaining establishments.

Crossing the river, you will face Pentagon- central base of the USA Ministry of Defense. If you want to visit museums, learning American history, never miss Smithsonian Institution, full of interesting cabinets and laboratories, and the whole set of museums: Anacostia Museum, American Arts Museum, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Renwick Gallery. What is more, try to visit Aviation Museum, American History Museum, African Art Museum, and the city Zoo.

Besides, it would be interesting to spend your time in Arena Stage, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and Corcoran Gallery.

Where to stay: the best city districts to find the hotel

Traditionally, the most of tourists prefer searching the hotel in Washington in the EastEnd, not far from the Museum complex of Smithsonian Institution. Particularly, EastEnd is as ponge of budget hotels. Nevertheless, there are many highclass hotels here: the prices are really impressive. Look around! Amass of restaurants, nightclubs, shops are situated in close proximity to the hotels. It looks like you live in the very city center.

To feel Washington to the full, there are many tourists, preferring to live in the Northern city districts, in the region of Dupont Circleand Logan Circle. These areas are much evaluated because of big concentration of high-class restaurants and clubs. Moreover, renting car, there is a chic opportunity to park it in the street for free, saving about $25-55 for the hotel parking.

Nevertheless, traditionally, suburbs hotels are cheaper than city hotels.Whatismore, thisisyourchancetosavemoney, especially, considering the high hotel tax. The most comfortably situated districts are Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda,andSilver Springregions.

Where to eat: food and drinks

Washington is the city of gourmands. It can be simply explained: many guests from all over the world come here every year. A lot of senior level civil servants and administrative officials spend their time here. All these people prefer their own cuisine. This fact explains the variety of restaurants. Pay attention to big amount of luxury restaurants. Thus, people have a real possibility to pay big money for a good food – this is all about Washington.


The absolute quantity of restaurants differs with the perfect service and excellent cuisine. As the saying goes, the top city restaurants are situated in the very city center and such districts as Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Adams Morgan. Each of them has its own eating place to be proud of. Pay attention to the restaurant Read Sea, offering to try Ethiopian cuisine, or Ben’s Chili Bowl with its friendly atmosphere and perfect interior.

Another big proud of Dupont Circle is Obelisk restaurant. It is best of the best eating establishments, offering the dishes of Italian cuisine. If you prefer French cuisine, Citronelleis a hands-down winner.


To have a comfortable trip, you should learn everything about the city transport beforehand. Buses are the first comfortable way of travelling. They are more than 176 routes. The buses are comfortable and cheap- you can get around the city without any problems by bus. The ticket costsa bout $7-8.

Washington subway is also worth your attention: 86 stations nd 7 lines. The average price for ticket is from $2-6. Coming for weekends for shopping, or spending time with kids, it is better to hire a car, using the great opportunity to find a free parking place. Learn more about Washington and share your impressions here!

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