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If you’ve just flown into Heathrow Airport on business or for fun and adventure, you’ll need some transport. Whilst many people rely on the vagaries of public transport or the goodwill of friends and family, there’s nothing like having your own car to get around in. In a scenario like this, hiring a car is a good option and a cost effective way to get yourself around.

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What to Look for in a Car Hire Company

It is true that not all car hire companies are created equally, so it really pays to do your research first before signing on the dotted line and opening up your bank account. You could certainly rent a car in London from Express Rent-a-Car, but what should you look for in an ideal car hire company? Consider the following:

Car Hire Company

Communication: Any successful company will prioritise customer satisfaction over big profits. The most successful companies look after their customers before anything else. A car hire company should be friendly, professional in its dealings with you, and able to answer all questions thoroughly and confidently.

  • Car quality: Whether you are hiring a Rolls Royce or a little Mazda, it’s important that the car has been well maintained. The best car hire businesses service and safety check their fleet of vehicles on a regular basis.
  • Insurance: No one wants to think about it, but if the worst should happen and you end up in an accident, you’ll want to know that the vehicle is covered for damage. This is not an area to skimp on, and the best car hire companies will offer full comprehensive insurance on all vehicles regardless of make or model.

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  • Breakdowns: If the vehicle breaks down, what do you do? For peace of mind, it’s always best to use a car hire company that offers a 24/7 breakdown emergency service. The last thing you want, whether on holiday or business, is to break down in the middle of a motorway without any access to a breakdown service, and to have unexpected out of pocket expenses you cannot afford.
  • Delivery and collection: If you’re flying into Heathrow on no sleep, you really want to know that the car you organised is waiting for you all ready to go. Before signing up and plunking down your money, make sure that the company offers a full car delivery and car collection service to all major airports nationwide.
  • Service area: It is always wise to check that the car hire company actually serves the area in question!

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Communication Is the Key

Always remember that a reputable and reliable company values good communication. If you have any questions, it makes sense to talk them through thoroughly. Check all of the fine print carefully before signing up, for your peace of mind. You may even find that the car hire company will throw in some extras or offer additional services if you ask.

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