Hiring a Coach or Mini Bus in Yorkshire

The difference between a mini bus and a coach

It’s worth clarifying the definition before we delve any further. A minibus is a vehicle with between eight to sixteen passenger seats (excluding the driver). If the vehicle has more than sixteen passenger seats is classed as a coach and requires a PCV D licence. That’s one problem hopefully already solved!

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK, and arguable the greenest and most historic. As such the county’s travelling facilities are most comprehensive; public transport is good but not always able to fulfil your exact travelling requirements. The alternative, more flexible option, is to hire a coach or mini bus.

There are numerous considerations to be taken into account. You may only have a handful of passengers, travelling a relative short distance to perhaps a wedding reception; or maybe you’re organising a large company trip to Austria? You will need advice.

The most recommended course, for peace of mind, is to hire a chauffeur driven vehicle; no worries as to route or parking … stress free.

Hiring a coach or mini bus will not prove problematical in Yorkshire; the real problem lies with choice. Do you need a coach or a mini bus? How many seats would you like? Do you want to ‘self-drive’ or be chauffeur driven? What about passenger comfort, vehicle reliability, insurance etc. etc.? Who can I trust?


Which hire company to use?

  • Chose a company with a reputable track record, try to get a personal recommendation or use on-line blogs to assess suitability
  • Check out the company’s office/depot or web site; smart professional salespeople, clean office and relatively new well looked after vehicles make for an excellent first impression
  • Can the company fulfil your requirements? Provide the right vehicle with a professional driver, offer sound uncomplicated advice, etc.
  • What extra services do they offer? Such as vehicle delivery and collection.
  • What exactly do you get for your money? Check out the contract/terms and conditions, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on any points

Take your time to look around the recommended vehicle; satisfy yourself that it is suitable, comfy with air conditioning and ample leg room perhaps, especially relevant for longer journeys. You may have a small numbers sufficient for a mini bus, but maybe, for reasons of travellers’ mobility, a coach may prove a more appropriate spacious option. Passenger comfort should be high on your list of priorities.

Do not be swayed by ‘cheap’ or a laisse fayre arrangement involving a ‘drop it back next week sometime mate’ type arrangement.

There are rules and regulations governing vehicles (coach hire companies must comply with DVSA regulations), also rules re drivers’ breaks and passengers’ behaviour. Check out your responsibilities and then … behave responsibly.

There are many reliable, professional hire companies in Yorkshire just waiting for your call. With just a little research you’re guaranteed to get the excellent service you deserve.

Happy hiring!

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