Krabi River Thailand-Rugged Beauty at Its Finest

The southern province that can be found on the Andaman seaboard of Thailand, Krabi perhaps boasts of the oldest continued settlement history of the nation.

A Short History of Krabi

Krabi serves as the home to an array of caves and cliffs where color paintings, beads, stone tools, skeletal remains and pottery of the ancient times can be found. It is said that Krabi has become the place of inhabitance of homosapiens since 25,000 to 35,000 BC. Based on recorded time, this was known as Ban Thai Samor and was among the twelve towns which made use of monkey for their standard before people became widely literate.

By c. 1200 AD, Krabi served as tributary to Kingdom of Ligor, a city found on the east coast of Kra Peninsula that is now called Nakorn Sri Thammarat. Around 200 years ago, by the start of Rattanakosin period, when the capital has been finally settled at Bangkok and with elephant kraal was built in Krabi by the order Jao Praya Nakorn (Noy), Rajah of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, which used to be part of Thai Kingdom back then.

He ordered Pra Palad, his vizier, to oversee the task that was to make sure that there will be a regular elephant supply from the bigger town. There are a lot of people who emigrated in the steps of Pra Palad and soon, Krabi formed a bigger community in three various boroughs, namely Pak Lao, Klong Pon and Pakasai.

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One of a Kind and Stunning Geography

Krabi, Thailand mountainous geography that is broken by the mainland’s plains and highlands and the 130 small and big islands in the Andaman Sea are the very reason why Krabi is highly considered as the perfect place for relaxation and recreation.

The world renowned Phi Phi Islands, also called Paradise on Earth, never seen any decrease in its stunning beauty that includes limestone sea cliffs, beaches and the Lanta Islands lying to the southern part of Krabi town, including mangrove stretches with breaks of beaches rimmed by corals with rugged hills that boast of exotic forest.

Lanta Islands has seen very little development. Rai Ley Bay and Ao Nang are very uniquely beautiful by their stunning sand beaches and the limestone steep sided cliffs and mountains which attract a lot of rock climbers from different parts of the world. The rest of the shore beaches and islands are amazingly never the same in terms of their beauty.

Its natural forests are mainly covered by cassia trees and mangroves. The sandy clay conditions of the soil in Krabi are also ideal for different kinds of agricultural products such as palms, rubbles trees, coffee, coconuts and oranges.

The Krabi River is flowing for 5 kilometers through the city then flows to the Andaman Sea at Tambon Pak Nam. The source of the river goes back from Panom Benja Mountains. The temperature throughout the year ranges between 16.9 to 3.3 degrees Celsius, with the yearly rainfall having an average of 2,568.5 millimeters.

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